Saturday, June 20, 2009

Anilao Adventure

My little boy Cian, he's 4 years old and "driving" =)

My 2nd child Ian (in blue) who's a looker by the way but is still fascinated with airsoft guns and video games--- with cousin Carlo below

The lion fish underwater....isn't it beautiful?

Nemo playing on his anemone!!

My eldest daughter Charisse here and below

Hello Ladies! It’s been a while. As a mom life can sometimes go crazy. A last minute vacay just had to be squeezed in before school starts but was delayed apparently due to the popular swine flu virus circulating in the city which according to city health officials is very contagious but not life-threatening (when treated immediately), unlike dengue. With my daughter going to college I honestly think she deserves a last hurrah before facing the rigors of university life. .... I know what you're thinking...I'm old! lol....I married quite early, don't ask how early..SECRET! but promise, I'm old enought to vote during that time. LOL!

Anyhoo, here are a few pictures of our short vacation in Anilao, Batangas. My kids had a grand time exploring the ocean. They went snorkeling and scuba diving with their cousins and had smiles permanently fixed on their faces afterwards =) they couldn’t get enough of it. I think they were very brave…honestly, it scares the hell out of me just thinking of myself going 30 ft. below sea level breathing oxygen through my mouth… oh no, the beach is fine with me =)

I had fun mainly because the kids had fun too. I hope to see Palawan sometime in the near future. How about you, any last minute vacay?



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