Saturday, October 8, 2011

Loot: A Quick Glimpse

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A very quick haul report:

This is the recent haul I got for myself just a few days ago.
  • The Body Shop's Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder
  • Maybelline's Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner in black
  • Maybelline's Magnum Volume Express Super Film
  • The Body Shop's Born Lippy Strawberry Lip Balm

So far I'm loving TBS mineral loose powder!! It gives you that no-makeup look... just lovely!

Will do a review SOOOON... =)


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review: Milani Blush - Corallina & Luminoso

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I'm back and I'm glad! I missed blogging so much. I have so much to blog about --- beauty and mommie stuff =). Enough rambling and let's get down to business... beauty business that is!

MILANI BLUSHES... I can't gush enough about these babies! 

Luminoso is glorious peachy color with micro shimmers. It gives you that sun-kissed glow. It is perfect for nude makeup. Corallina has a deeper hue like that of a burnt coral (if there is such..). It has gold veins and more shimmery than Luminoso. It gives your cheek a flushed glow. Corallina is very pigmented compared to Luminoso so you have to be light-handed in applying it or you might just look like a sunburnt clown... lol!

Compact is with mirror and a compartment for a brush which is not so bad..

As you can see it is imported but very affordable at 450PhP a pop (I think.. but not more than that.. hehe)

Left: Luminoso, Right: Corallina. I'm sorry, forgot to include shade in the pic editing =) Notice how pigmented Corallina is. I love both shades equally!

  • very pigmented
  • affordable
  • packaging (with mirror)
  • long-lasting 

  • not available locally (thanks to Sol of  Digital Traincase for making these available locally =))
  • a teeny-wee bit powdery (but it doesn't bother me)

How about you, any blush worth raving about? Share naman!!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review: Detergent for Puff and Sponge

I've been away for quite sometime. Matriarchal duties [among other things] has to come first and blogging had to take a backseat. But now I'm back... I hope on a regular basis this time :)

I came across this detergent (which by the way is also the product name). It is a sponge and puff cleaner. It's a japanese brand which I bought from Saizen in Trinoma. The bottle has Japanese characters all over it except for the word Detergent and some itsy-bitsy words in english which says:  

Removes remaining foundation quickly
Keeps your makeup tools clean
Disinfects and fragrance-free
Contains no pigment
These words instantly caught my interest.

Pictures below says it all...

My uber filthy Beauty Blender

80ml bottle

Definitely worth a try

After  3 squirts and and some gentle swishing
My wet /dry foundation sponge

I approximately consumed twice this amount on this sponge. Note the colorless liquid in the middle of the sponge

VOILA!!! immaculate---- once again :)
  • It's soooo affordable! (85PhP) per 80ml bottle
  • It truly delivers its promise ... all of it!!
  • I like that it's not so sudsy, making it easy to rinse
  • Available locally ( 'tho I saw a few bottles left on the shelf)

  • NONE!!
I strongly recommend this "heaven-sent" sponge and puff cleaner. Had I known about this before, I could have saved my first Beauty Blender. It was cut in half!! The OCness in me... rubbed it a bit too harsh 'cuz of foundation stains which are harrrrd to take off!! :-(


Monday, April 5, 2010

Review: Sue Devitt Gel-to-Powder Blush

The blush I believe is the most indispensable part of a make up regimen. If  I'm in a rush and I don't have the luxury of time to do my face,  the first thing I'd grab is a blush.. be it a cheek tint, powder blush, whatever it is I can hold onto. There was even a time when I used my red lipstick to put color on my cheeks. I was about to go down from my car when I realized that my face was like a blank canvass and I was really running late. The blush in my kit was a shimmery pink and I thought it wouldn't look good if I put it on.... alone (since I don't have  time of  going through "the works"). So I had this bright idea of using my red lipstick to put a tinge of color to my pale face and a dab on the lips....Voila!! It instantly gave me that just-pinched healthy look ^_^. I know, I know it's not good for the skin... but it's just for emergency, You know, break- glass- in -case-of fire sort of thing. Haha!

Passing by Beauty Bar at Trinoma I caught a glimpse of  this poster of a girl looking so dewy and fresh sporting a cheek blush au naturale'...if you know what I mean. I wonder how many make up-loving women like me drooled over those cheeks! I lost no time and asked the SA, who by the was very accommodating. As if she read my mind, she handed me a tester of  Sue Devitt Gel -to-Powder-Blush and its LOVE....... and the rest so they say is history.

Sue de Vitt Says:

Gel-to-Powder Blush


Malay Reef

Marion Reef

North Cape
This velvet to the touch gel-to-powder formula offers intense hydration with a sheer, smooth finish to impart a youthful glow and lasting wearability for all skin types. The revolutionary formulation contains Marine Collagen Filling Spheres which smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, creating a flawless complexion while ensuring a blendable, fool-proof application. 

Shade: Malay Reef
ME Says:

  • it glides on smoothly when applied
  • easy to blend
  • gives that nice pop of summery glow to the cheeks
  • color pay off is good
  • comes in a chic and small compact with mirror
  • lasted 4-5 hours on my cheeks on a humid day
  • available locally
  • has natural extracts beneficial to the skin

velvety smooth...

  • quite pricey at 1,250PhP a pop
  • color has tendency to dissipate if you over blend it , a few tap and a little blending and you're good to go
  • if you're into matte blush then this is not for you (love it tho'!)


Will I repurchase? why not?  maybe a  different shade next time :)
Rate: 4.5/5

(akkkk.... foundation shade doesn't match!.. hehe)

I apply this with my bare clean fingers or you can use stippling brush but using a brush or any applicator may just cause the color to dissipate's already light and satiny to begin with.

If you're looking for a  warm and natural glow on your cheeks specially for summer then you should give this a shot! *wink*

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Let us not forget that it's not all about eggs and the easter bunny...  it's all about Christ dying for us to save our souls and coming back to life again to show us all that He is the God of all Gods, the Master of our lives, the Savior of our souls. Acts of sacrifices are not expected from us, all we need to do is to accept HIM in our hearts and confess that we are indeed sinners.. Kapatid (bros and sis), that's all!.... and once again, just like when we were babes.....we belong to HIM.


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