Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Let us not forget that it's not all about eggs and the easter bunny...  it's all about Christ dying for us to save our souls and coming back to life again to show us all that He is the God of all Gods, the Master of our lives, the Savior of our souls. Acts of sacrifices are not expected from us, all we need to do is to accept HIM in our hearts and confess that we are indeed sinners.. Kapatid (bros and sis), that's all!.... and once again, just like when we were babes.....we belong to HIM.


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Friday, April 2, 2010

Glimpse: NYX 10 Color Eye Palette - The Runway Collection

After I attended Beauty Makeup course at Basement Academy, NYX kinda grew in me. I love everything NYX specially the eye shadows, lipsticks and lip glosses. Good thing angelic Sol of  Digital Traincase is around to cater to my NYX whims and caprices for the right price... thanks Sol! :) Palette is at 480PhP. 

Here is a glimpse of the Runway Collection in Romance.  It is a convenient 10-color eye shadow palette in hues of bronzes and browns. Some shades (top part of the palette) have slightly chunky glitters  (which I can  take) while the rest are just shimmery.

(oooops... accidentally poked my finger on it)

swatch of the upper 5 shades

swatch of the bottom 5 shades

Clearer shot of all shades ( click to enlarge)

This palette has warm bronze and browns that I really, really love! ^_^

 How about you.... any favorite eye shadows or palettes? .... share :)


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