Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review: Detergent for Puff and Sponge

I've been away for quite sometime. Matriarchal duties [among other things] has to come first and blogging had to take a backseat. But now I'm back... I hope on a regular basis this time :)

I came across this detergent (which by the way is also the product name). It is a sponge and puff cleaner. It's a japanese brand which I bought from Saizen in Trinoma. The bottle has Japanese characters all over it except for the word Detergent and some itsy-bitsy words in english which says:  

Removes remaining foundation quickly
Keeps your makeup tools clean
Disinfects and fragrance-free
Contains no pigment
These words instantly caught my interest.

Pictures below says it all...

My uber filthy Beauty Blender

80ml bottle

Definitely worth a try

After  3 squirts and and some gentle swishing
My wet /dry foundation sponge

I approximately consumed twice this amount on this sponge. Note the colorless liquid in the middle of the sponge

VOILA!!! immaculate---- once again :)
  • It's soooo affordable! (85PhP) per 80ml bottle
  • It truly delivers its promise ... all of it!!
  • I like that it's not so sudsy, making it easy to rinse
  • Available locally ( 'tho I saw a few bottles left on the shelf)

  • NONE!!
I strongly recommend this "heaven-sent" sponge and puff cleaner. Had I known about this before, I could have saved my first Beauty Blender. It was cut in half!! The OCness in me... rubbed it a bit too harsh 'cuz of foundation stains which are harrrrd to take off!! :-(



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