Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review: Milani Blush - Corallina & Luminoso

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I'm back and I'm glad! I missed blogging so much. I have so much to blog about --- beauty and mommie stuff =). Enough rambling and let's get down to business... beauty business that is!

MILANI BLUSHES... I can't gush enough about these babies! 

Luminoso is glorious peachy color with micro shimmers. It gives you that sun-kissed glow. It is perfect for nude makeup. Corallina has a deeper hue like that of a burnt coral (if there is such..). It has gold veins and more shimmery than Luminoso. It gives your cheek a flushed glow. Corallina is very pigmented compared to Luminoso so you have to be light-handed in applying it or you might just look like a sunburnt clown... lol!

Compact is with mirror and a compartment for a brush which is not so bad..

As you can see it is imported but very affordable at 450PhP a pop (I think.. but not more than that.. hehe)

Left: Luminoso, Right: Corallina. I'm sorry, forgot to include shade in the pic editing =) Notice how pigmented Corallina is. I love both shades equally!

  • very pigmented
  • affordable
  • packaging (with mirror)
  • long-lasting 

  • not available locally (thanks to Sol of  Digital Traincase for making these available locally =))
  • a teeny-wee bit powdery (but it doesn't bother me)

How about you, any blush worth raving about? Share naman!!



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