Thursday, May 7, 2009

Love, Rosie (aka Rosie Dunn)

I am a mom of a 16 year old girl, her name is Charisse. As a mom it's my right..(hihi), and duty to check on her activities.. books she has been reading, games she has been playing...specially now that it's summer. Snooping through her things, I saw this paper back, Love, Rosie.  I leafed through it and found it interesting because of the way it is written.

It's not the typical story in essays and paragraphs but it's all in short notes, e-mail, letters, postcards, IMs exchanged by the characters in the story. I started reading the first part and I got hooked =). As the story progresses you totally forget that what you're reading are a bunch of emails and IMs.

It made me smile, laugh, cry....

It's about two kids, a girl (Rosie) and  boy (Alex), both 5 year olds who were best friends til their adult years. Maintaning the friendship, but deep inside denying that they have feelings for each other...Oh, it's so cute!! Did they end up together??..............

Read it yourself!! LOL

Love, Rosie
By: Cecelia Ahern

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