Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rose Flower Blush by: The Body Shop

The Body Shop's Rose Flower Blush comes in 2 shades, Fuschia, which is what I got and the pale pink shade (forgot what it's called).

The blush seems to have glitters, but as it's consumed the glitters gradually fade away leaving a solid pink blush--which is better actually. It gives a healthy, natural pink flush on your cheeks. So far I'm sooo loving this blush =) It also has a teeny weeny bit of rose scent which I can smell from the container but not from my face. I got this on sale,  (50% off) 599Php..yipeee!!

Note: I used the blush on my profile pic =). but now the glitter/shimmer is gone so it gives a satin/matte finish


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