Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eco Organics

I happen to pass by the Big Tent bazaar in Don Antonio last weekend, and boy...was I suprised to see hordes of people coming and going. I heard it's one of the most sought-after bazaars in Quezon City today. Slots are hard to come by as it's always fully booked specially during Christmas season. There were a lot of familiar Multiply sellers present. One product that caught my interest was a Eco Organics. They sell organic whitening soaps, organic hand sanitizers and organic insect repellent and guess what?----it's BUY1 TAKE1!! All 3 items are priced P80.00 (~$1.7) and of course you get 2...a steal! Here is what I got... I skipped the insect repellent tho as I still have a couple of also organic ones in my stash.

The hand sanitizer smells I can detect the tea tree and eucalyptus content. As for the soap, I have yet to try it. It says in the package it's a botanical whitening and spot-correction soap...that I still have to see. It's also proudly Philippine -made! Check out their multiply site here to know more about their products. Oh and by the way, the buy1-take1 thing is only offered in bazaars :-(

Nice packaging I must say ^_^
I will post a review on the soap after I use up 1 bar.

'Til then...



  1. oooh, looks nice! and pretty packaging, i agree. sayang the buy 1 get 1 promo is only for the bazaars no? will check this out later :)

  2. Everything looks awesome!

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