Sunday, August 9, 2009

V&M Anti-Bacterial Brush Set

At last V&M (Venus & Mars) 5-pc anti bacterial brush set is here!! It was delayed in transit. It came all the way from HongKong. But nonetheless it's here! yipee!!

How many set of brushes should one makeup junkie own?? I'm not even that of a junkee (yet) but I already have 3 sets of brushes not to mention the individual elf brushes and a couple of MACs (given as a gift). I guess everyone here knows how it all goes in our finally have the brush that you've been lemming for...all contented and happy (hu- hummm) Suddenly this brush/es comes along which everyone is raving about and you'd say to yourself...oh well, another set wouldn't hurt ^_^ Well this was exactly what happened when I came across this brush set in multiply (hi Jamie!)


1. Anti-Bacterial - you can now spare yourself from washing your brushes twice to four times (if you're lucky and you're not tobusy or if you're acne-prone) a week to make sure you don't put bacteria on your face!

2. Made from delicate vegan taklon hair - the most expensive synthetis hair.

3. Best for mineral makeup but can also be used for traditional makeup

4. Brush pouch has side pockets to put your MMU tubs and lippies in.

( foundation brush)


1. Body/Face Buki Blush Brush
The fluffy soft bristles of the face buki brush can transform any dull day into all that's bright and rosy. It is very flexible and easy to use. It helps you create a very natural yet professionally done makeup. With just the right shape and proportions, it is sure to take hold of just the right amount of V&M minerals that will make you look fab in no time.

2. Foundation Buki Brush
The soft bristles allow for smooth application of liquid foundation. Maybe using this brush is even better than using a stippling brush! *wink* Create a more natural-finish with this elegant and intricately-designed foundation buki brush by highlighting your most loved features.

3. Angled Shader and Crease Buki Brush
The crease brush is round and facilitates contouring and blending. It is great for getting color in the crease while softly blending color out.

4. Eyeshadow Buki Brush
This extra soft eye brush is great for applying all eye shadows. It gives great coverage from lid to brow. These brushes are designed to buff on the perfect amount of minerals for the most natural, flawless application. Only the finest quality of hairs are used to make buffing feel like second nature.

5. Concealer Buki Brush
With this concealer buki brush, applying concealer will be such a breeze! Whether you want to apply it wet and dry, this brush will surely help you create the look you're aiming for!

6. Pouch
(Face Brush)

I say:
1. Brushes are all nice and soft to the touch
2. Passed the tug and pull test (no shedding)
3. No bleeding
4. Hair is dense (much more as compared to the kabuki brush of eco tools)
5. Foundation brush applies liquid foundation smoothly (likey!)
6. Nice pouch, it has that leather feel to it
7. Elegant looking red, shiny handles
8. Not really for carrying around due its size (kinda big to put in your bag)

(nice and shiny red handles ^_^)

Overall, the brush set is superb. The stars of the set are the foundation brush and the blush brush. What's good about this brush is that, for the price (in the price range of ecotools), it already comes with 2 eye shadow brushes. If only it's a tad smaller then it would be easier to ditch in your bag.

How much? P1099 (~$23 approx)
Where? V&M

'Til next!



  1. it really looks so soft
    kaya lang i just can't understand how it can be anti-bacterial e..

    does it exude any 'chemicals' from the glue itself that makes it anti-bacterial?

    but nevertheless, with how soft it is
    im pretty sure you'll love using this brush!

  2. thiamere, good question i'll ask the seller and get back to you =)

    stay pretty!

  3. They look really soft! :) And the foundation brush looks like it really delivers plus the blush brush! Gah! I want! :P

  4. @pammy: yaaah, i know exactly how you feel! =)
    so GO get a set :P


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