Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review: Detergent for Puff and Sponge

I've been away for quite sometime. Matriarchal duties [among other things] has to come first and blogging had to take a backseat. But now I'm back... I hope on a regular basis this time :)

I came across this detergent (which by the way is also the product name). It is a sponge and puff cleaner. It's a japanese brand which I bought from Saizen in Trinoma. The bottle has Japanese characters all over it except for the word Detergent and some itsy-bitsy words in english which says:  

Removes remaining foundation quickly
Keeps your makeup tools clean
Disinfects and fragrance-free
Contains no pigment
These words instantly caught my interest.

Pictures below says it all...

My uber filthy Beauty Blender

80ml bottle

Definitely worth a try

After  3 squirts and and some gentle swishing
My wet /dry foundation sponge

I approximately consumed twice this amount on this sponge. Note the colorless liquid in the middle of the sponge

VOILA!!! immaculate---- once again :)
  • It's soooo affordable! (85PhP) per 80ml bottle
  • It truly delivers its promise ... all of it!!
  • I like that it's not so sudsy, making it easy to rinse
  • Available locally ( 'tho I saw a few bottles left on the shelf)

  • NONE!!
I strongly recommend this "heaven-sent" sponge and puff cleaner. Had I known about this before, I could have saved my first Beauty Blender. It was cut in half!! The OCness in me... rubbed it a bit too harsh 'cuz of foundation stains which are harrrrd to take off!! :-(



  1. I gotta try this! I'm almost out of my Dr. Bronner's. Thanks for the review. :)

  2. Wow fantastic! I need this... If only there was a Saizen near me! My beauty blender is so filthy too

  3. @pammy
    major-major euraka for me.. i'm sure for you as well :)

    HI! :) you should have someone get it for you.. i've tried all sorts of liquid dish detergents and shampoos out there but nothing beats this.. seriously!

  4. Where did you purchase this from?

  5. @MyuMyu
    hi there! Where are you from? This detergent is available in Saizen, a Japanese store usually located at malls here in Metro Manila =)


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