Saturday, May 23, 2009

Human Nature Organics for Babies & Kids

Recent studies suggest that baby shampoo, baby powder and lotion may be exposing babies to potentially harmful chemicals called pthalates. Pthalates are harmful chemicals that inhibit or negatively affect the proper development of the reproductive system especially in babies and young children.

Worry not mommies, Kids Nature from Human Nature is here to the rescue. With these kid-friendly baby care products, baths will be safe and FUN! 

Kids Shampoo/Body Wash comes in 2 scents: watermelon & banana. My little boy's favorite is the watermelon =)

Baby Shampoo/Body Wash is unscented. The best for your newborn babes. It has gentle ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile to calm and soothe baby. 

PS. I also use this to wash my brushes. Too expensive as brush cleaner? not at all! Check out the prices here



  1. I haven't tried this but a lot are saying that this is a good product line. It's Pinoy made and organic. Not to mention very affordable. ^_^

  2. i use the watermelon one on my baby :)

  3. @ Golden, yes waaaay cheaper than imported organic brands but the same quality =)

    @Ida, smells yummy noh? =)


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