Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maybelline Mineral Liquid Foundation

back of my hand without foundation
one layer of foundation
second layer

Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation (whew!) I had second thoughts about getting this foundation at first 'cos I already have tons of foundations in my makeup kit. Tolerating the addiction....I had to give in (boy, was it hard!) It's just a tiny tube anyway, justifying my purchase, lol!'s really cheap by the way, it's even on sale! 239Php sale price (18ml tube), 299Php original price, how could you resist?? Haha!

Package says: Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation is a breathable yet full coverage that gives a healthy luminosity.

Long lasting (after 8 hours I still look decent)
Looks natural
I used just 1 sheet of oil blotter (on the 6th hour)
It has SPF (16)

It's not fragrance free. But it's fine acutally 'cos it doesn't smell funky or anything

My Verdict: Love it! and yes, I'll buy again if I run out =)

P.S I got it on sale at Watson's The Block



  1. I have had bad experiences with Maybelline foundations. I actually regret getting the clearsmooth gel foundation but then again that is like from Maybelline's CHEAP line--but I didn't know anything back then. Lol. Now I am wiser and I am avoiding them like crazy (for thefoundations anyway. Lucky you you had a god experience!

  2. i want to try this one but i have yet one bottle of angel fit to finish .. i wonder what is their difference?:D thanks for the review.. i might purchase this once i ran out of liquid foundation.. i love maybelline liquid foundations.. :D

  3. @donnerence, angel fit doesn't suit me. No shade matches my color.. i'm kinda acidic so foundation turns darker after sometime, that's what happened when i tried angel fit =)

  4. Oh wow, thanks for the review, this is awesome to know.

  5. I tried the Maybelline Pure Mineral powder foundation and didn't like it. I want to try this variant!:) I used Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse before and I loved the coverage and finish it gave.:)

  6. @soapaholic, tried the powder, didnt like it too..a bit masky for me. the liquid is better.. light on the skin.
    update on the MLF: if worn over moisturizer, my face became a tad too oily. good thing about it is it has SPF already =)

  7. I likey! :) will try this sometime. thanks for the review! :)


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