Monday, July 20, 2009

Beauty on a Budget

nice packaging

sunrise walk (peachy pink)

sunset party (pink)

brush when unfolded

when folded

left (sunset party), right (sunrise walk)
in daylight

Being a mom and the treasurer of the household, budgeting has always been one of my priorities. I'm constantly on the lookout for value-for-money stuff be it things for the home, clothes, shoes, toys and what-nots, and of course not to forget---makeup!

On a wet weekend I still managed to go malling (the mall rat in me). Walking, walking, walking and I saw HBC, I went inside and browsed through the merchandise and a makeup line named Krisanne Color Collection tickled my curiosity and I zeroed in on the blush. It's called Shimmer Blush and it comes in 2 shades Sunset Party and Sunrise Walk. It has this graduating effect of shades (of pink and of peach respectively) . I tried it...not bad! For the price and the packaging it's actually a steal.

*price -- dirt-cheap at 142PhP (~$3 approx)
*in flattering shades
*nice color payoff
*not powdery
*not really shimmery ( which is actually a pro for me)
*nice packaging (magnetized closure..beat that!), quality of plastic looks easy to break though
*has spf of 15
*contains vitamins A, C & E (as indicated)
*brush is actually kinda soft & useable which folds and unfolds if you prefer a wider brush (call it innovation)

*for P142??.....NONE! I can't complaint

Finding a product like this..I can't help but go...MWAHAHAHHA!!! you know, with that devlish tone =)

PS. As for the staying power, I'll have to post an update for that ^-^

How about you, any cheap discoveries lately?



  1. Wow this is a really nice discovery!! I saw that collection but the samples I saw were crappy and I didn't see this particular product...I gotta check this out! I love the brush. Nice find :)

  2. My latest cheap discovery would be my ukayukay boots. Loving it!


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