Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Itsy Bitsy Mini Haul

I was killing time at Trinoma the other day and as always I gravitated towards the cosmetics department of Landmark. I browsed at the Cover Girl counter and the display of lipglosses....tried one, loved it and now it's in my makeup kit...Wetslicks Amazemint lipgloss by Cover Girl, 375PhP (~$7 approx)

I love that it's light on the lips and it's un-sticky(?), which is a common thing with other lipglosses. It has a strong minty feel on the lips which I don't mind. I got Pink Positive shade ( cute name for a color!), it's the lightest shade of pink, which I find really nice! I also like the opaqueness it gives...not the clear type. It's currently my fave lipgloss.

Plus, I tossed a Lash Blast Mascara, 575Php (~$12 approx) in the bag, LOL! I prefer the non-waterproof ones as I don't have the patience , the time, and the know-how of removing waterproof mascaras. I heard it's also smudgeproof ( as long as you don't dance in the rain) and easy to remove, which I have to see for myself.

Hope you can share your current fave mascara and lip gloss, anyone?



  1. How does the non-waterproof mascara hold up in holding the curl? I heard the non-waterproof really flattens a curl which is why I tried waterproof. Next time I'll get non-waterproof--that is if it doesn't flatten the curl. x.x

    A MINTY lipgloss? I gotta try that!! :D I hang out a lot at the trinoma landmark cosmetic department when I'm at trinoma with parents. Hehe.

  2. Nice haul sis. So sad 'coz we don't have Cover Girl here. My favorite mascara is Cat Eyes Mascara from Maybelline. Sa lipgloss naman favorite ko ang Nyx Diamond Sparkle.

  3. @ chrissy: CG wetslicks has crest peppermint pala in it. That explains the strong minty taste ^-^

    @ golden: i have yet to try cat eyes, heard a lot of good reviews about it, just hope it comes in non-waterproof type. sige, will try nyx sometime. thanks for dropping a comment, really appreciate it ^-^

  4. Really? Wow! Please tell your daughter she doesn't need to shift. All my friends are also great at drawing and I can't do much apart from stick figures. Info design is more of computer-aided design, or graphic design/packaging design and so on. :) If that is her forte like you said, then she is on the right track!


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