Friday, July 10, 2009

My Baby is Sick...

Hello beauties! Time isn't on my side these past days.. I am swamped with mommy stuff. I had to sacrifice my ME time and this (blogging) is a part of it. My 4-year old is down with the flu since Sunday. He's much better now but still with a terrible cough. Could've been just me instead of him. I tell you it's hard when the little one is sick... my world is in chaos! Medicine time is a battlecry not to mention feeding time!!..just a mere drink of water takes a lot of prodding and convincing which sometimes leads to threatening (that's when I become a MOmster). I figure it's better that way than see my kid in the hospital with I.V stuck in his arm or foot or wherever there's a vain to prick. Kids have less visible veins than adults, which makes it more painful...ouch!!! wawa.... I think that's the worst ever---the nurse doing it the wrong way only to find it has to be pulled out stick it in all over again!!! whaaaaat????

Kids getting sick makes me worry. It gives me sleepless nights too. I turn on my alarm and wake up every so often to check on him. I know of someone who slept through the night not knowing her child's temperature shoot up and had a convulsion, poor kid..brain got affected. That really taught me a lesson..never to sleep soundly when your kid is sick with's dangerous!

Thank God he's better now. What I have to do now is feed him good food so he'll regain the weight he has poor baby.

Wait a minute...I remember paying for an ELF studio angled face brush yesterday...amidst all the crying and vomiting...hihi *wink* (my bad?) its was the last piece, I heard it's nice and soft....
C'mon, i just had to!!! LOL!

That's the true essence of being a kikay Mom! ^-^

'Til next...


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  1. Hi sis! Thanks for commenting on my site. Yeah, why don't you try Bioneem on your baby. It's safe anyway. I hope your baby is better now.


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