Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Natural Cleansing Staples

These dynamic duo are my facial cleansing staples. At first I was skeptical about Human Heart Nature products simply because I find it so cheap. You know sometimes you have this notion that if something is cheap quality rating is somewhere down the bottom, specially locally-made (Philippines) ones. But Human Heart Nature proved that wrong! Big time!

I have road tested a number of their products and these two emerged as my winners.

Human Heart Nature Says:

Calendula & Seaweed Facial Wash keeps your face clean and fresh with seaweeds to unclog pores and calendula to calm and regenerate skin. With natural sun protection, this facial wash is best for normal, combination, and sensitive skin.

Ingredients: calendula gel, seaweed gel, vegetable glycerin, seaweed distillate, and natural Vitamin E

- it rinses off easily but it's not drying
- love the clean, fresh scent (smells organic..teehee)
- it's really super cheap--99.75PhP for 100ml tube
- used to be somewhat runny in consistency but I guess they were able to fix that

Human Heart Nature Says:

Tomato & Mandarin Organic Toner When alcohol-based toners sting your face it's because they are drying out our skin which leads to premature aging. Now you can remove stubborn grime without the aging side-effects. Re-mineralizing tomatoes are packed with Vitamin C that penetrates skin to remove dead skin cells and unclog blocked pores.

Ingredients: purified water, epsom salt, vegetable glycerin, tomato extract, calendula extract, mandarin fragrance oil.

- I love how it leaves my skin sooo clean but NEVER dry and tight
- I accidentally swiped some on the corner of my lips, I licked it, guess what?.... taste like water!No wonder it doesn't sting.
- Once again, its dirt cheap, 89.75PhP for a 100ml bottle
- LOVE the orangey scent!!

There's nothing I dont' like about these products. For me these are the best first 2 steps in a cleansing regimen (you know--1.cleansing, 2. toning, 3. moisturizing). The ingredients are mild and it won't clash with whatever moisturizer you're going to works with my moisturizer, but then again that would be another entry. LOL!

Hey, hope it works for you also =)

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  1. nice review.. i am really looking forward in trying their product.. I am really worried because it might make skin drier.

  2. Good thing that it worked for you. Some say the toner was just a so-so.

  3. wow, these products sounds really cool and the price is very affordable :)

  4. @donnarence: it's really worth a anyway =)

    @golden: works for me talaga..been using it since december last year and never switched. you can feel the effect when you air-dry your face after putting the toner. skin feels tight ands soft but not dry

    @becky: super affordable =)

  5. Aside from being a cool mom, you're certainly an organic products lover! I love it!!! Thanks for the award :)

  6. By the way, I've tried and loved their facial wash (seaweed + calendula) and I love it; and yes, I also use it to clean my brushes :) I recently ordered the tomato toner from one of their resellers and I can't wait to try it. I want to do a showdown on some organic toners. weee!!


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