Friday, September 25, 2009

I won, I won!!!!

I'm ecstatic!! I won Shen's Birthday Contest!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart :) It's my first time to win something that's why I'm sooo please bear with me. Lol!!

I would also like to congratulate Shen for the nomination of her blog, Shen's Addiction at the Philippine Blog Awards. I really hope she gets it! GO GIRL!!!


  1. Wow congratz girl ^_^. I'm sooo happy for you. I know the feeling of ecstatic and I can totally understand what you feel right now ^_^. It feels like your in seventh heaven. It's sooo nice to win, feels like a child being given a new lovely toy hehe ^_^

  2. oh.. i understand how u feel sis.. :)

    i never won a single raffle in my entire life!

    congrats :)

  3. Wow! Congratulations sis. Can't wait for you to post your prizes. ;)


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