Monday, January 18, 2010

Etude House Beauty Finds

I got to check out Etude House in Mega Mall after the holidays. The ambiance of the shop made the shopaholic in me all jittery :) It's a small space actually but with VERY bright lights and pink and girly all over. What really got me excited about it are the affordable price tags!! It's waaaay cheaper than other Korean stores like The Face Shop and Skin Food.... and after a week or two of trying out their products, I can say it's not bad. Most of the stuff I got were really nice :)

Above is actually Haulage #2 (just got mixed up with the uploading)
From the top:
Proof 10 Eye Primer (this is good!)
Lip Brush
Sleeping Pack (night cream of some sort)
Baby Skin Veil (compact pressed powder)
So Lovely Allover Spray (scent)

Haulage #1
Blush highlighter (shimmery)
Tint Chou Lip Tint (red)
Mascara Guide
Baby Skin Foundation (really nice)

The Baby Skin Veil compact (haulage #2) is the matching pressed powder of the Baby Skin Foundation (top)

I've noticed that Etude House foundations and powders are for fair-skinned gals only. Most, if not all of them come in 2 tones only, for very fair skin and medium skin (which I still find too light for morena skin). Come to think of it.... are there medium-tone skinned Koreans?

I will do a separate review of these goodies soon. Any suggestions what you like reviewed first? Lemme' know!! :)

'Til then...


  1. Ooh, nice! :) Would like to see these reviewed first- So Lovely Allover Spray (is it a body spray, or room spray?) and Baby Skin Veil :D

  2. Please review the baby skin foundation and the blush highlighter :)


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