Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Blog Title

I thought of changing my blog title to Beyond Tightlining from Kikaymomster... I don't know... the former has a somewhat international tone than the latter. Besides, after my Beauty and Make-up Course at Basement Academy I somehow found a new awakening on make-up. Aside from learning how to apply it professionally I found sheer joy in putting on make-up just for the heck of it... yes! from base all the way to putting on falsies! : )

If you live and breath make-up then you know what tightlining is. If not, let me define it for you. Tightlining is applying eyeliner in the innermost part of the (upper) eyelids where your eye lashes sprout from. It is also known as the "invisible eye liner". Tightlining emphasizes your lash line, making it look like you have very thick lash base. Your eyes gain emphasis without an obvious trace of make-up. Tightlining is something everyone can do, you just need to practice. There!.....

I plan on pursuing what I learned from Basement Academy and eventually do it professionally... **crossing fingers**.

'Til then...


  1. Good luck on your plans girl, I love your layout by the way, it's so chic. Beyond Tightlining sounds pretty and unique and you are right, it sounds international ^_^

  2. Aww, I didn't know you took some classes at the Basement. Kudos to you sis. I tried tightlining just once. I really like its effect on my eyes, though it felt ticklish when I was applying the eyeliner on the innermost part of the eyelid. Unfortunately it didn't last the whole day. I need a tougher eyeliner. Hehe.

    Re: Thanks by the way for suggesting I watch Youtube videos. Do you have any makeup guru in youtube you want to share with me? I really know nothing about this. :D

    Lots of love,


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