Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Get that Pinkish Glow from Prestige

These cuties really got me excited today as I was browsing through the "goodies" at Beauty Bar at Robinson's Galleria. I remember stumbling upon them at Nouveau Cheap some months back. I never thought it would be available here in the Philippines.


Prestige Perfectly Fresh Cheek Tint & Prestige Perfectly Pink Color Adjusting Lip Shine!!

Packaging is really sleek and cute. Perfect for any kikay kit (girlie's make up kit)

There are 2 shades ( i think). I picked the Rosy, the other one is Sunny ( more orange-y in color). Rosy gives a very subtle, just-pinched glow on your cheeks ( please see bottom photo for swatch). It's not sticky nor creamy or waxy. In fact I'm clueless on how it really feels on the skin 'cos it feels... nothing. It just glides on your skin and imparts that pinkish glow.... i just love it!!

Shade: Rosy

This is much similar to Smashbox Oh Glow for the lips, sorry I'm not all too familiar with Oh Glow as I dont have one. But I saw a tester once at Beauty Bar.

I find this a bit sticky on the lips. Maybe because I'm not really a fan of high-gloss, high-shine lip products. But, yes it comes out clear on the tube at first and it gradually turns to pinkish after a few seconds of application. I looked like I ate lechon ( roast pork, a Philippine delicacy) when I have it on my lips. It makes a good lip moisturizer 'tho and the hint of pink is really nice.

*click photo to enlarge

Swatch of Cheek Tint on my arm. Notice the nice pink glow?? sweeeet : )

What made it more exciting is the price!
Perfectly Fresh Cheek Tint is at 375PhP, Perfectly Pink Lip Shine is at 295PhP

Hope It got you excited too!

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  1. hey these are pretty cool. I love how its soo tiny and cute. Its easy to throw in the purse. I do notice the pink glow and it looks quiet natural.

  2. I got kinda scared when I saw the cheek tint but then it looked so pretty on the swatch. :P Those are great finds.

  3. The Cheek Tint looks very promising. And plus points for the cute packaging :)

  4. wow.. ang mura.. i have to get that tint for sure.. looks a lot like my skin allison raffaele blush..

  5. @becky, yes the pink glow looks natural :)

    @pammy, me too! i opened it in the car pa naman and it's dark. i thought it's black..LOL!

    @krissy, really cute packaging, it was love at first sight :)

    @donnarence, go girl! :)

  6. Wow the colors look sooo pretty especially the blush, I like it ^_^

  7. Wow, I love the packaging. And I never expect them to be so cheap. :)


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